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We love beer!

We believe that great beer has the power to do some amazing things, like bringing people together and making friendships out of strangers.  This is what it did for us.  

Altruist started with home brewing in the garage, shortly after moving into a new neighborhood.  Needless to say, neighbors would stop by to see what was going on and as we shared our passion for this delicious elixir, we made some pretty cool new friends too.  As everyone raved about our beer and our “tasting parties”, we knew we wanted to share it with more people.  Soon thereafter, Altruist Brewing was born.  

We feel strongly that our hand-crafted recipes should be brewed with love.  We never skimp on quality ingredients, and work tirelessly to maximize flavor and body to elicit a well-balanced and delicious beer that everyone can enjoy.  One thing you can expect when visiting Altruist is a diverse menu with a wide variety of beer styles.  We go the extra mile to ensure we stay true to each style.

We will never compromise quality for anything!  We will never stop learning and improving in an endless pursuit of perfection to create the most amazing craft beer we have ever tasted.  We don’t just make the beer, we love the beer!

The taproom is at the heart of our business as we are dedicated to bringing people together to form bonds and lasting friendships…like it did for us.

When looking for a location, we knew we wanted a space with loads of character that would be warm and inviting.  An old mill building right in Sturbridge happened to have an unfinished vacant space that was raw, to put it nicely, but had lots of potential.  Working nights and weekends for 1+ year and through our own blood, sweat, and tears, we were able to transform it into what we feel is a pretty cool industrial space that retained the original character of the building.  It is anything but commercial and serves as the perfect atmosphere for enjoying an amazing craft brew.


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